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When it comes to digital marketing for an E-Commerce store, the most important factor is the ability to get your products seen by those who are looking for it.  Just having an e-commerce website alone is simply not enough. There is no guarantee that your products will be found.

The Halaal Souk Digital marketing strategy started of with search engine optimization. We had to ensure that the foundation web pages contained the most appropriate keywords and that there was sufficient relevant content to ensure a high page SEO scoring. Search engine optimization alone would not guarantee that products would be found.

This is where integration with Google Shopping comes in. We needed to ensure that when a potential customer searches for a product on Google, the Halaal Souk product would show up under the shopping tab on their browsers. This was done through a feed from the website to Google via Google Merchant.

Google Merchant Feed
Google Shopping

Google Shopping is great for having your products appear organically. It also keeps your products ready for display and makes it easier when it comes to running paid campaigns.

In order to boost sales, we also made sure that product feeds were fed into Meta and Instagram. This became handy when we ran paid social media campaigns.

The E-commerce store also contained a Meta Pixel script that allowed us to run re-targeting campaigns. This was especially useful in reducing the number of abandoned carts and reminded shoppers that they needed to complete their checkout.

Having an E-Commerce store that is integrated with search engines and social media platforms simplifies the digital marketing strategy.

Integration combined with monitoring allowed us to make better informed decisions when conducting PPC and other digital campaigns. Integration with Google Analytics allowed us to view customer demographics, popular products, bounce rates, abandoned carts and more.

This allowed us to conduct campaigns with a high ROI and low cost per click. Contact Us to find out how we can help you with your digital marketing today.

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